Corporate Social Responsibility

NYANDUSI MIXED PRIMARY SCHOOL, Maranda Division, Bondo Sub County

The directors of UPE have been support Nyandusi Mixed Primary School for over a decade in their personal capacity. They have contributed towards early child learning program by sponsoring the teaching staff. A forestry seedling nursery program within the school was introduced by the directors and supported as an income generation activity. Feeding programs for class 8 candidates has been an annual activity greatly appreciated by students, teachers and parents.

There is a 2 in 10 chance that an adolescent from Utonga sub location will advance to secure a technical diploma, degree or formal employment and become a productive citizen of Kenya. Abject poverty, high HIV/AIDS prevalence (from 15 years), alcohol and substance abuse is more likely to deny the youth a productive life. The chances that a teenage girl will realize their dream of graduating from 12th grade and advance to university is even slimmer. Forced marriage, pursuit of fleeting wealth (internet gambling), unplanned pregnancy & violent crime feature prominently in the life of the average teenager in this locality. Education offers the biggest hope of a productive future.

Nyandusi School is over populated with 500+ learners. At least 18% are orphans and another 30% under the care of single parent usually a girl-child under the age of 16. The school was built to accommodate 200 day schooling students. However today the school infrastructure is stretched beyond the limit lacking adequate water and sanitation facilities, classrooms and furniture. The situation is ever so dear. To protect the girls from sexual manipulation at home and boys from criminal activities; select classroom are transformed into sleeping quarters every night.

In many instances children are sent to school in order to have a meal since many parents are impoverished and can’t afford more than a morning tea (without milk) and some form of starch; either boiled cassava, maize or arrowroot. At least in school children will be feed maize and vegetables or beans. Under such conditions, boarding school is considered the safe haven for these vulnerable children.

UPE is determined to be a part of the solutions to these challenges. By committing to support Nyandusi Mixed Primary School as a beneficiary of our dedication to economical & social transformation, we have identified some key area of intervention that can positively impact the youth in our community;

Water & Sanitation, Perimeter Fencing, Forestry and Farming.

In this regards 1$ of every 100$ earned from export business is directed to CSR. A further 2% of local income after tax is dedicated to CSR. “We care for welfare our community especially our youth”